Laura Keene as Florence Trenchard

John Dyot as Abel Murcott

Harry Hawk as Asa Trenchard

T.C. Gourlay as Sir Edward Trenchard

E.A. Emerson as Lord Dundreary

J. Matthews as Mr. Coyle, Attorney

W.J. Ferguson as Lieutenant Vernon, R.N.

C. Byrnes as Captain De Boots

G.G. Spear as Binney

J.H. Evans as Buddicomb, a Valet

J.L. De Bonay as John Whicker, a gardener

G.A. Parkhurst and L. Johnson as Bailiffs

Miss Jeannie Gourlay as Mary Trenchard 

Mrs. Helen Muzzy as Mrs. Mountchessington

Miss Helen Truman as Augusta

Miss M. Hart as Georgiana

Mrs. J.H. Evans as Sharpe

Miss M. Gourlay as Skillet

The Cast of

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