Lincoln Assassination

Destinations & Tours

The ultimate destination to learn more about the Lincoln Assassination is Ford's Theatre. Being able to walk the grounds and see the Presidential box is as good as gets for people wanting to bring history to life. Get tickets online from their website, which includes a self-guided tour of the theatre and access to the basement museum filled with hundreds of artifacts and information filled exhibits. 

Also, don't forget, across the street is the Petersen house where President Lincoln died, and the new Center for Education and Leadership.

The Petersen House, or Houe Where Lincoln Died, is a must see for anyone interested the history of the assassination. Included with your Ford's Theatre admission, the walkthrough of the house completes the journey of that fateful night in April 1865, giving visitors the opportunity to see where Abraham Lincoln took his final breath. 

The house is now also connected to the Center for Education and Leadership, where visitors can learn more about Lincoln's lasting legacy.

As the first stop during John Wilkes Booth's escape after killing Abraham Lincoln, the Surratt House Museum is an important destination for anyone interested in Lincoln's assassination and the history surrounding the event. Not only is the museum important for it's historical importance, but it's also the home of the Surratt Society, which "encourages research into the role that this historic site played in the events surrounding the assassination of Abraham Lincoln."  Through this society, visitors are can walk the footsteps of Booths' escape through the Booth Escape Route Tour, or visit the The James O. Hall Research Center, which might be the greatest "repository of books and research materials pertaining to the Lincoln assassination"

Located in Abraham Lincoln's hometown of Springfield, Illinois, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum "brings to life Abraham Lincoln’s story through immersive exhibits and displays of original artifacts." If you visit Springfield, be prepared to visit two buildings, the Museum and, across the street, the Library. Both have a wealth of education and experiences. In addition, the museum offers an online education experience, called Under His Hat, providing resources for teachers to use in the classroom.

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